Business Strategy

Initiate and maintaining a business is a startling idea for the majority of people, particularly when you consider what number of issues you may have to face. Getting an idea is often easy task. Beginning and continuing it effectively is the hardest and most challenging part.

According to the experts, about 25% of SME fail by the end of their first year. 50% fail to run a successful business by the end of their fifth year. The most common challenges that SME face to run a successfully. 

Cash Flow Issues, owner takes complete ownership and avoids burnout, getting new leads and retaining existing customers, relying revenue on single or few customers, challenge on cross sell and up sell, motivating employees, carry too many overheads, spreading brand awareness.In stable economic times, strategic vision is more important than ever. ConsultUs Business Services provides business leaders with forward-looking business strategy services that help drive sustainable competitive advantage and profitability consultation. 


New Career Paths

Forget the traditional path of career. In the current times; many new career options have come. Most of the people are just not aware of them. Even if they are aware, they are not confident of pursuing them. These new career opportunities are very promising. We show the ways to pursue these new paths and the opportunities that are available across the industries.


What We Do

Our experienced consultants are excited to help you prepare for the interviews; we
discover ways to apply your skills. Whether you’re looking for your first job or managing a career transition, or hoping to land a full-time offer, we are here to help
you succeed.

Strategic planning:

ConsultUs Business Services works closely with clients to develop corporate strategy and business unit alignment strategies while building through the organization. We provide specific strategy consulting for industry issues such as market assessment, Strategic planning and design pattern for strategic planning.

Growth and Innovation:

ConsultUs Business Services offers strategic advice to help customer’s business to create all possible sources of revenue growth. Adaption of proven best practices which suits business growth. A successful process of lead generation and customer acquisitions.

Organizational effectiveness:

Our specialized strategy consulting services help customers to tap the full potential of their workforce, retaining employees and get best performances out of them. For workforce development, we introduce various motivational approach, skill development and enhancement approach, which improves their performances periodically.

Functional strategy for sales team:

Sales and revenues enhancements are the key motivators to run a successful business. Our strategy consulting supports include a process oriented sales approach, starts from lead generation to closure of leads and most importantly retaining customers.

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We guide our customers “The effective Sales Process Management” with a detailed process of “Funnel Management and Revenue Management” we are a Career counselor and provide a complete road map to individual professional to crack and win interviews

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