LinkedIn, as we all knows, it is a social networking platform for professionals, worldwide. Of course it is a very effective media to connect the relevant people across any country.

For any business, first thing we create a website. This is basic need for any business. Website is an authenticated address to reach that business online.

Similarly, LinkedIn page is equally important to reach out as many target audience as possible. You have to design your LinkedIn page appropriately, which should best suit your business. How?

LinkedIn enables you to create and build your page. You really need to be very specific about it as follows;

1). Image should be your company logo

2). Background wall should clearly indicate about your business

3). Tagline should be appropriate and in defined manner

4). Be little descriptive in “about” section

5). If you are hiring, mention in “job” section along with specific inputs required

6). Ensure all your employees are tagged on your company page. This was you can authenticate your online presence in “People” section.

7). “Insight”, premium feature of LinkedIn will be only activated if you have minimum 30 employees with your company having complete member profile

8). Images, documents, business advertise, relevant videos, customer testimonial need to be posted on regular intervals

9). Keep posting regularly to keep the audience engage

10). Page followers are very important. You always engage relevant followers which directly relate to your business. More followers help you maximize your reach in the domain.

11). LinkedIn give you opportunity to “invite connections to follow” for your page. Use it at your best.

You also need to handle your post smartly. Linkedin is live and active platform. You have to keep an eye on “Social Notification” from activity section. Responses on your posts need to be closely monitored. This is an opportunity to keep active engagement with your audience and maybe with your customers. It is always preferred to respond on comments, no matter whether it is positive or negative, or even it may be a query. Reply in affirmative manner and close loop the communication. 

Your Business posting is one aspect of LinkedIn. Your page is enabled for much more than that. You just need to use all these tools smartly to maximize output of your efforts. Details are as below.

1). In “Content” section, LinkedIn help you to discover topics and articles that your audience is engaging most with on LinkedIn.

a. This inputs is very useful for you to decide on your post, articles and hashtags

2). Analytics again is very smart tool. Analysis about visitors, updates and followers give you clear idea about what you are doing and what is it resulting into.

a. Keeping keen eye on analytics, you can easily make out what is going right and what activity of yours is less engaging.

3). Career pages: For job related activities, may it be searching of job or may it be verifying candidate’s profiles, LinkedIn is most widely used platform worldwide. On your page “career pages” help you drive interest of candidates in your company. Invite job seekers to engage with your brand and open job opportunities.

a. Entrepreneurs very well understand how critical hiring right candidate by all aspects. LinkedIn is great help for this activity by all means.

Additionally linkedIn offer paid services with which it helps you to maximize your reach within specified audience.

Whether it is small or big business, your presence on linkedIn is always trustworthy to your audience and prospective customer. Being present on LinkedIn is considered to be different league and of enterprise grade. This confidence of audience worldwide gives your page additional mileage required.