Global pandemic has happened first time for current generation. We have been in lockdown first time ever in our lifespan. It is of course a unique experience for every one of us. No one was prepared and ready for it. This was never been anticipated, one fine day government will impose lockdown on whole country. World, business, economy was on hold almost for 2 to 3 months. Apart from essentials, everything was standstill. Post Jun, things started moving. Economy was trying to be back on wheels again. Sale being integral part of economy has to be on the driving seat.  

We were earlier use to knock customers for enquiry and for the next level of discussion till it reach to negotiation and closure. Physical visit to customer premises was always required and preferred. This approach was from both the sides. Customer wants sales guys to visit their premises and meet them on regular basis. This was considered to be the best practice and vendor’s positive gesture for grooming the customer as account. B2B business use to happen this way erstwhile.

Now since we are in the era of social distancing where travelling and handshaking is restricted, we are missing that connect with customer. Sales is first of all bonding with customer which gradually built customer’s confidence on sales person and then on brand or company. Visiting customer premises, meeting customer in person, discuss product and services across the table is risky and exposing many people for infection. While saying so, we cannot stop selling for sure. Suddenly connectivity has come for rescue of all transaction. Voice and internet connectivity is playing major role in today’s business world. Of course connectivity is important from early days. But then it was complementing as major points exchanged over personal meetings. Now since personal meetings have taken back seat, digital media with connectivity is front ending and key for business deals. Even though, we are still in exploring stage of evaluating digital media and connectivity as best tool for selling.

Current regular practices are as follows;   

  1. Scheduled phone call
  2. Scheduled conference call
  3. Scheduled web-conference (Audio /Video)
  4. Presenting capability over scheduled video call.
  5. Including stake holders from customer side in calls
  6. Including stake holders from your company in calls
  7. Ensure positioning and multi point engagement over the period
  8. Keep engagement active with what’up message about timely new updates
  9. You need to be more organized and good in mail communication. That way one can completely manage sales cycle, from lead generation till deal closure on mails AND OR what’up.
  10. Sticking to professional attire, decorum and approach.
  11. Avoiding any “good morning type” messages to customer.

These are practices erstwhile but more emphasized post Covid 19.

Going ahead, we really need to think about more effective ways of selling via connectivity;

Possibilities are endless but sales should immediately opt for following few points;

  1. Effective branding and promotion through all possible social media platforms
  2. Ensuring best possible online ratings from your customers
  3. Effective customer testimonials should be used smartly
  4. Best possible presentations, effective and communicative
  5. Presentation in audio visuals and if required in 3D for product detailing

Blessings in disguise for sales…!!!

Definitely social distancing and restriction on travelling is working against sales for exploring business opportunity. Conventional sales were on mutual bonding and that is missing during Covid 19. But then there are some distinct advantages of digital media sales and marketing;

  1. Meeting face to face has limiting number of meeting with new opportunity
  2. During COVID 19, market dynamics has changed and with this new scenario which was never been anticipated, customer is coming with new requirement to cope up with market pace
  3. Opportunities are flooding in the market and with digital media, sales can tap maximum from it as there is no physical restrictions
  4. Even reaching and engaging upward hierarchy from customer is comparatively easy with digital reach.
  5. Current scenario has completely wiped out travelling time and expenses. Stake holders from different locations and countries can be easily engaged in web conference without much hassle.   
  6. All this will definitely lead sales to explore more opportunity in comparatively less efforts and with more smart work.

Beyond all this, one point is always been important in sales. Maintaining good reputation with customer all the time. Attend them when they required, for sales, for support. Shake firm hand with customer, personally or digitally and you will keep getting business.